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2014-11-21 06:15:33 by SoundSix

Thank you for all the listens!

I hope to have a few more tracks to post soon.
I'm currently completely done with one,
but i am working on another.

Then i shall work on a third and post the three of them!

I hope to keep you guys happy,
Thanks again!

Recent Tracks

2014-11-17 18:12:46 by SoundSix

Hey guys!

Thanks for so many listens on the latest tracks!
Im glad they had such a good turn out.

I am working on more and more almost everyday
along side many other projects and work ha

I hope to keep pleasing,
Thanks again!

Sound Six

2014-11-10 02:49:13 by SoundSix

Hey guys!

I just started this project 

Im going to be working on Video Game music, Sound FX, and soon Voice Acting

For now i have a list of 9 tracks up

I hope to hear that you enjoy my work!
Thank you!